Children Of Obese Mothers Suffer From Slow Height Growth

Suffer From Slow Height Growth

It is known that the lady who suffer from overweight or obese face multiple health problems during pregnancy. However, a recent study recently published newspaper Pediatrics added a new problem to increase the weight of the pregnant mother, and is in effect on the growth of their children, at least during the early stages of their lives in this study, the research team from the University of Iowa by comparing the weight babies and height at birth from mothers obese and non-obese. More Sources available  Here Dr. Darwin Smith Scam
They found that since the birth of these children until the age of three months, the children born to mothers who suffer from obesity or excess weight less weight and length, and acquire mass less fat compared with those born to mothers enjoy normal weight represent fat mass when young is vital to the growth of the brain and its development, Which explains why born human beings are the most obesity among mammals.
• the need for obesity prevention: The researcher Katie Larson of the University of Iowa, “We have found that these children do not grow naturally, if this is true it will mean that the obesity epidemic hurt the little ones while still in the mother’s womb which increases the importance of the face of the risk of obesity before it reaches the female of child-bearing age, where the leaves of obesity Other negative impact on future generations. ” and pointed to a study published newspaper.
The American Medical Association in 2010 that six out of ten women of childbearing age suffer weight excess or obesity has clarified previous studies that children born to mothers who suffer from obesity or excess weight usually return to growth rates as natural as their counterparts born to mothers who enjoy normal weight, but they unfortunately are more likely to gain excess weight in adolescence, which may cause health problems for them through the stages of their lives different.


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