Depression After Pregnancy

Depression After Pregnancy

Repeated despair
This tragedy additionally, you may repeat: “When I went through my first pregnancy taciturn, I felt worse that it cannot be me. After nine months, I was able to get pregnant again, but this time of course I was afraid, and I rejoice, except for husband about her condition did not tell anyone, “says

“Unfortunately, my fear filled, because in the eighth week, the embryo stopped developing. Again, it was a taciturn pregnancy. Again I got pregnant after nearly two years and unfortunately this pregnancy ended like the previous two. Husband and I were mentally at the bottom, We both underwent a series of tests, but doctors discovered no cause of my problems. K longed second child I helped to IVF, but it was the hardest time of my life. ”

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The repeated miscarriage experts speak when the woman undergoes at least three abortions, a situation occurs in approximately one to two percent of women. Although, according to experts, more than seventy-five percent of women with recurrent miscarriages finally get the dream child, experts are trying to identify the cause, why repeat abortions and pregnancy occurs.

“Will compensate” uterus
The research team of scientists from various universities, for example, suggested that the reason for recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy reticent could be called “will compensate” the uterus.


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