Strong Meat And Mushroom Broth Also Affect The Health of the liver

Strong meat

Strong meat and mushroom broth also affect the health of the liver is not the best way. For products harmful to the liver also include radish, garlic and radishes, and unsafe for liver herbs – this leek and cilantro. Acidic fruits and vegetables, such as sorrel, kiwi, cranberry, are intolerable to the liver poisons. To neutralize the same devastating impact of such spirits as brandy, whiskey, vodka and cognac, and especially moonshine, liver spends far too much power.

Nevertheless, a small amount of dark beer with low alcohol content and a lot of vitamins in the liver does not hurt. Dry red wine, although it is an alcoholic beverage, in reasonable quantities, too, can have on the body positive effects. By products harmful to the liver are salted and smoked foods in unlimited quantities, pickled vegetables and hot spices – horseradish, mustard, vinegar, and spicy ketchup are harmful to the liver and strong coffee, if he did not dilute milk.

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Poorly washed fruits and vegetables can provoke various liver diseases such as hepatitis A or E. To maintain the health of the liver should not bedtime cram tight – with a constant rush jobs, which is a consequence of binge eating, the liver pretty hard to cope, and the finale could be disastrous. Risk of hepatitis occurs and in contact with alien blood. Should not lightly and swallow handfuls of pills without a doctor’s recommendation, at the first sign of sickness, it is very harmful to the liver.


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