Cure For People With Diabetes


Treat epilepsy!
* Is there a disease related to diabetes?
– There are many diseases related to diabetes, such as eye diseases in general, and kidney failure, and heart disease. The crisis and humidity, dementia and epilepsy in children therefore expected to occur new property boom in the protection of these diseases.
* Is there a scientific explanation of the relationship between diabetes and epilepsy?
– research laboratory of modern proved that there is a semi-strong between the narrow arteries, which affects heart disease and epilepsy happen as a result of tightness in the arteries of the brain related to movement, and not the result of electrical discharges in the brain as previously thought.
Therefore, after the discovery of the new fact of epilepsy, invented a new operation to treat epilepsy depends on the expansion of blood vessels inside the brain, and offered it to the hospital Hummer Smith of the Faculty of Medicine, University of London, which has its largest center for medical research in the world, and has vacationed on the begins with the introduction of new surgical dubbed the British employers system in surgery operations at the beginning of the new year for the treatment of patients with epilepsy.

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* How did you come to the diagnosis of the new epilepsy?
– laboratory experiments that I kept I can make the blood vessels constantly, noticed through which the arteries of patients conflict within the brain indivisible blood during cases of epilepsy, although heartbeat high in excess of seventy-two beats a minute, and therefore occur convulsions difficult due to the interruption of blood for some traffic arteries to the brain, and offered a diagnosis of the new conference doctors vascular World, which was held in Rome, Italy, where you represent the University of London, and found diagnosis new response from the conference and published in the journal the world body against epilepsy, and in all of Britain, America and Portugal scored in the Department of Surgery at the University of London as a new method in vascular surgery.


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