Definitive Cure For People With Diabetes

Definitive Cure For People

Fifteen-year-old uses insulin at a rate of fifty units per day After taking medication to reduce insulin to ten units in a very short time, in addition to a. b reaching the age of forty-six-year-old used cereal treat diabetes for a long period of time dealing with the new drug in its final form of diabetes, and all those mentioned can refer to them.

Article Posted by Dr.Darwin Smith Scam Many more information Here

* How do you make sure the healing diabetic patients who are taking the new drug in its final form after you leave Sudan?
– after I left Sudan, I keep in touch with patients to see their situation, and then ask them checkups every six months, and during my visit to the annual Sudan every year subjected patients for thorough examinations through a special device brought with me from the UK, so all patients who have undergone treatment by me has the property inventor great successes in their treatment.
Manufacturing property
* Are there any points you have been offered the manufacture of the new drug?
– Advanced to a German company in addition to several pharmaceutical companies a European, after that the publication of the invention in the British Medical Journal after they were sure that the invention is applied to practice and found in response to a wide range of institutions, pharmaceutical.

* Is the property inventor newly not preceded by any attempts to scientifically solve the problems of patients with diabetes?
– There are some introduced to address diabetic patients by surgery that rely on cultivation glands to secrete insulin in the body, as happens in organ transplants other, but that the proportion of success slim did not exceed the proportion of 8% in spite of the efforts made great where proven medical experiments that the cultivation of the pancreas destroys the sugar in the body once and for all an attempt is successful.


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