Cure For People With Diabetes


Treat epilepsy!
* Is there a disease related to diabetes?
– There are many diseases related to diabetes, such as eye diseases in general, and kidney failure, and heart disease. The crisis and humidity, dementia and epilepsy in children therefore expected to occur new property boom in the protection of these diseases.
* Is there a scientific explanation of the relationship between diabetes and epilepsy?
– research laboratory of modern proved that there is a semi-strong between the narrow arteries, which affects heart disease and epilepsy happen as a result of tightness in the arteries of the brain related to movement, and not the result of electrical discharges in the brain as previously thought.
Therefore, after the discovery of the new fact of epilepsy, invented a new operation to treat epilepsy depends on the expansion of blood vessels inside the brain, and offered it to the hospital Hummer Smith of the Faculty of Medicine, University of London, which has its largest center for medical research in the world, and has vacationed on the begins with the introduction of new surgical dubbed the British employers system in surgery operations at the beginning of the new year for the treatment of patients with epilepsy.

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* How did you come to the diagnosis of the new epilepsy?
– laboratory experiments that I kept I can make the blood vessels constantly, noticed through which the arteries of patients conflict within the brain indivisible blood during cases of epilepsy, although heartbeat high in excess of seventy-two beats a minute, and therefore occur convulsions difficult due to the interruption of blood for some traffic arteries to the brain, and offered a diagnosis of the new conference doctors vascular World, which was held in Rome, Italy, where you represent the University of London, and found diagnosis new response from the conference and published in the journal the world body against epilepsy, and in all of Britain, America and Portugal scored in the Department of Surgery at the University of London as a new method in vascular surgery.


Definitive Cure For People With Diabetes

Definitive Cure For People

Fifteen-year-old uses insulin at a rate of fifty units per day After taking medication to reduce insulin to ten units in a very short time, in addition to a. b reaching the age of forty-six-year-old used cereal treat diabetes for a long period of time dealing with the new drug in its final form of diabetes, and all those mentioned can refer to them.

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* How do you make sure the healing diabetic patients who are taking the new drug in its final form after you leave Sudan?
– after I left Sudan, I keep in touch with patients to see their situation, and then ask them checkups every six months, and during my visit to the annual Sudan every year subjected patients for thorough examinations through a special device brought with me from the UK, so all patients who have undergone treatment by me has the property inventor great successes in their treatment.
Manufacturing property
* Are there any points you have been offered the manufacture of the new drug?
– Advanced to a German company in addition to several pharmaceutical companies a European, after that the publication of the invention in the British Medical Journal after they were sure that the invention is applied to practice and found in response to a wide range of institutions, pharmaceutical.

* Is the property inventor newly not preceded by any attempts to scientifically solve the problems of patients with diabetes?
– There are some introduced to address diabetic patients by surgery that rely on cultivation glands to secrete insulin in the body, as happens in organ transplants other, but that the proportion of success slim did not exceed the proportion of 8% in spite of the efforts made great where proven medical experiments that the cultivation of the pancreas destroys the sugar in the body once and for all an attempt is successful.

Strong Meat And Mushroom Broth Also Affect The Health of the liver

Strong meat

Strong meat and mushroom broth also affect the health of the liver is not the best way. For products harmful to the liver also include radish, garlic and radishes, and unsafe for liver herbs – this leek and cilantro. Acidic fruits and vegetables, such as sorrel, kiwi, cranberry, are intolerable to the liver poisons. To neutralize the same devastating impact of such spirits as brandy, whiskey, vodka and cognac, and especially moonshine, liver spends far too much power.

Nevertheless, a small amount of dark beer with low alcohol content and a lot of vitamins in the liver does not hurt. Dry red wine, although it is an alcoholic beverage, in reasonable quantities, too, can have on the body positive effects. By products harmful to the liver are salted and smoked foods in unlimited quantities, pickled vegetables and hot spices – horseradish, mustard, vinegar, and spicy ketchup are harmful to the liver and strong coffee, if he did not dilute milk.

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Poorly washed fruits and vegetables can provoke various liver diseases such as hepatitis A or E. To maintain the health of the liver should not bedtime cram tight – with a constant rush jobs, which is a consequence of binge eating, the liver pretty hard to cope, and the finale could be disastrous. Risk of hepatitis occurs and in contact with alien blood. Should not lightly and swallow handfuls of pills without a doctor’s recommendation, at the first sign of sickness, it is very harmful to the liver.

Depression After Pregnancy

Depression After Pregnancy

Repeated despair
This tragedy additionally, you may repeat: “When I went through my first pregnancy taciturn, I felt worse that it cannot be me. After nine months, I was able to get pregnant again, but this time of course I was afraid, and I rejoice, except for husband about her condition did not tell anyone, “says

“Unfortunately, my fear filled, because in the eighth week, the embryo stopped developing. Again, it was a taciturn pregnancy. Again I got pregnant after nearly two years and unfortunately this pregnancy ended like the previous two. Husband and I were mentally at the bottom, We both underwent a series of tests, but doctors discovered no cause of my problems. K longed second child I helped to IVF, but it was the hardest time of my life. ”

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The repeated miscarriage experts speak when the woman undergoes at least three abortions, a situation occurs in approximately one to two percent of women. Although, according to experts, more than seventy-five percent of women with recurrent miscarriages finally get the dream child, experts are trying to identify the cause, why repeat abortions and pregnancy occurs.

“Will compensate” uterus
The research team of scientists from various universities, for example, suggested that the reason for recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy reticent could be called “will compensate” the uterus.

Children Of Obese Mothers Suffer From Slow Height Growth

To Increase The LengthExplanations: Try to get to explain the reasons for the slow growth of young stages of their early, researchers suggested one of two reasons: the first is due to infections, as the fat cells that would help in the inhibition of the immune system are increasing strongly in people who suffer overweight. The researchers believe that the reaction of the immune system of a pregnant woman suffering overweight or obese can also cause ignite the growth of the immune system of the fetus and thus dissipate the energy that should have been used for the growth of the fetus.  Get PDF Version Dr. Darwin Smith Scam

Second reason proposed for the slow growth of the fetus in the uterus occurs in two ways, either through fatty acids Free transmitted from mother to child through growth hormone, which is known as igf-1 or through growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland of the fetus’s brain.

The researchers hypothesize that the child receives a lot of free fatty acids, which urges the growth hormones of obese mothers so slow down production of the pituitary gland, which means that when the child’s birth may not be grown enough to make up for it.
The first explanation came by Physicians, which is: that when you stand be put human vertically and weigh no force of gravity parallel to the texture, and in the case of lying increased body length about 1-2 cm which is put the body horizontally and vertically on the direction of gravity body as much simple.

Why return to the length of the real when standing?
After this discovery, researchers began searching for a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, and even now there are two explanations for the increased length of human sleep, an increase is noticeable. On the following lines, we will find the answer to the question of why increasing the length of man he is sleeping? Why increase the length of the human he is sleeping?

Children Of Obese Mothers Suffer From Slow Height Growth

Suffer From Slow Height Growth

It is known that the lady who suffer from overweight or obese face multiple health problems during pregnancy. However, a recent study recently published newspaper Pediatrics added a new problem to increase the weight of the pregnant mother, and is in effect on the growth of their children, at least during the early stages of their lives in this study, the research team from the University of Iowa by comparing the weight babies and height at birth from mothers obese and non-obese. More Sources available  Here Dr. Darwin Smith Scam
They found that since the birth of these children until the age of three months, the children born to mothers who suffer from obesity or excess weight less weight and length, and acquire mass less fat compared with those born to mothers enjoy normal weight represent fat mass when young is vital to the growth of the brain and its development, Which explains why born human beings are the most obesity among mammals.
• the need for obesity prevention: The researcher Katie Larson of the University of Iowa, “We have found that these children do not grow naturally, if this is true it will mean that the obesity epidemic hurt the little ones while still in the mother’s womb which increases the importance of the face of the risk of obesity before it reaches the female of child-bearing age, where the leaves of obesity Other negative impact on future generations. ” and pointed to a study published newspaper.
The American Medical Association in 2010 that six out of ten women of childbearing age suffer weight excess or obesity has clarified previous studies that children born to mothers who suffer from obesity or excess weight usually return to growth rates as natural as their counterparts born to mothers who enjoy normal weight, but they unfortunately are more likely to gain excess weight in adolescence, which may cause health problems for them through the stages of their lives different.

Analysis Of The Height Growth Hormone

Height Growth Hormone

If a miracle happened and continued pregnancy should eat a large amount of stabilizers to keep the fish is good for the lining of the uterus and reduce the odds of abortion. ratios natural progesterone: during the first half of the menstrual cycle in females: 0.2 – 1.5 nmol / l. in the middle of the menstrual cycle: 1.5 – 2 nmol / l. in the second half of the cycle monthly: 2.5 – 25 nmol / l. in the last months of pregnancy: 243-1166 nmol / l. in males: less than 3.18 nmol / l. hormone milk Prolactin secretes the hormone from the pituitary gland at the time of pregnancy and run in the rise to birth a hormone Breast prepares to do his job to the new baby. Continue high hormone in the blood throughout the lactation period until weaning.
Higher hormone than normal in cases of non-pregnancy and lactation is a satisfactory offer and is causing weakness and imbalances ovulation cycle and consequently delayed pregnancy has accompanied by the emergence of high hormone secretion from breast transparent and may not happen.

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It is not right in any way to detect the hormone rise by clicking on the breast because this makes matters worse but only al-Faisal is the analysis is the analysis of the hormone prolactin in any day throughout the month.
Although the extent of the natural hormone up to 24 Microgram / l. except that infertility doctors opinion. Where else would prefer not to see it above 15. And optimization, but more than 10 for those who wish to in pregnancy in some cases, which have high hormone caused by another disease ovaries then this will mean that we will rise again whenever so it is better that he take medication to reduce it. Then continue on another drug to install while the level of a pregnancy and stop as soon as a pregnancy hormone milk rises sharply because of nerve pressure so it must be in a relaxed state, Ms. sampling time and only appeared misleading result should also avoid flirtation between spouses for Using breast because it would raise the hormone higher hormone patients cause delayed pregnancy.

Natural Ways To Increase Height

Increase Height

The growth of your body depends mainly on human growth hormone (HGH), which is secreted by the pituitary gland. This hormone is found naturally within the body. Rights and can raise the proportion of medically Seen hormone within the body in the event of a defect in the proportion of natural screening. There are many ways and means that will help you do it like taking supplements, exercise and taking various medications.  Many more information Here Dr. Darwin Smith Scam

To achieve your goal to increase the length, is always better to choose the means and natural ways. More recommended means for increasing the length of the normal exercise and eating the right foods and useful. Proper diet balanced very essential for the growth of a healthy body and healthy. Here is a list of basic foodstuffs and sources that can help you increase your height: Vitamin A: In addition to its key role in achieving healthy growth, it constitutes a key ring in many body functions varied. Available in all fruits and vegetables such as oranges, orange, lemon, papaya, carrots, sweet potatoes and red peppers. It is also found in egg yolk, cod, liver, salmon, broccoli, and tomatoes). You need to take 4000 – 5000 ui of vitamin A daily. Protein helps in the growth and repair of body tissues.

Can find a high percentage of protein in meat, milk, nuts, eggs, fish and soybeans. Advised intake of 45-55 grams of protein per day. Vitamin D: Its role in the absorption of calcium in your food and also install phosphorus, calcium, the most important elements to strengthen bones. Present in fish, egg yolk and liver. The recommended daily amount of vitamin D is 400 ui mineral salts: You need calcium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium salts, it is very necessary for bone growth. For this more than eating fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as milk and dairy products. Parallel with eat foods help increase the length is always advised to exercise sports training, especially stretching exercises to enhance the results. You can also practice one of the famous activities such as yoga, swimming, basketball or cycling.

Exercise Is Another Important Thing To Make You Taller


Remember to try your best to avoid those foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar. They will not do any good for your health size. And may even end up hindering your growth something you are not going to want to have happen right? Dr.Darwin Smith Scam Official Website
Exercise is another important thing that you should do. A kind of physical activity each week receive is vital. You will want to start by doing things like going for walks, runs, swimming, sports, and doing yoga. All these activities are what will help you start quickly increase your current height. Just keep in mind that it is important to continue to exercise if you want to achieve desired height.
Another thing that you will want to do is get some rest. Getting enough sleep every night will help you increase your height as well. The reason is, as we sleep our bodies relieve tension. And those are two things that can make bad things. Solely for your growth so it’s a good idea to try and get about 8 to 9 hours of good sleep every night. That requires the average amount that will help you get bigger you.
The truth about height – Increases, not only has its advantages with personal appearance but also has its place in the workplace. Being bigger is not just added to your appearance also helps to demand respect and come across as more confident.

Good Night Sleep To Become Taller

Good Night Sleep

Sleep – You should get a good night sleep every night to grow rapidly. About 7-8 hours is the ideal amount needed become fully equipped. And why sleep helps you grow bigger because it allows your body to get rid of all the stress and tension.
So if you no longer want to be brief and to increase your height fast then follows tips like these. They will help you to effectively provide quick results that you have been searching for. So instead of doing anything you need to start using handy tips like these. All it takes is a little effort and time for you to start noticing a difference. Check Review Dr. Darwin Smith Scam

Height is a sensitive issue for many men. Many men feel that they must be of a certain height or size to be taken seriously. And that is something that most men find difficult to treat. But what can you do to help you increase your height is continue reading. There are many simple things you can do immediately that will help you grow taller fast.
The first thing you want to do is start eating better. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet is important. You need to start eating more foods that contain high amounts of vitamins and nutrients. Things like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy products are all great. Eat more foods like that are what will help you easily start taller fast.